Nemanja Nikolic Prika

Tezga Bar Restaurant

Recycling and readymade are two base elements that I applied in creating interior design of Tezga bar restaurant.

The name of the bar/restaurant determined the direction of interior design idea, meaning that word Tezga in Serbian is a stall at the green market. Therefore I was taking elements that one usually sees at the green market such as wooden fruit crates, beam scale, old warehouse scales and etc. and transforming these objects into something new. This “new” were art interventions as well as wall and table decorations made from wooden fruit crate bottoms placed all around the bar rooms. Also,
. Lampshade made from wooden fruit crates
. Lamps made from beam scale
. Armchair made from old warehouse scales that still work and one can measure him/herself while sitting and many more which are presented in the photos.
Furthermore, I designed unique light multifunctional installation which can be used like a table or wall light installation, depending on the specific need or esthetic preference.

By implementing them in interior design I had created a lot of unusual objects and art installations in the bar/restaurant space.