Nemanja Nikolic Prika

When I was called to the international conference The Border of Art in Slovenia (2005) and was informed that I should hold a lecture of 45 minutes, I was in panic. I don’t use words to express my self but art, so I came to a Solomon solution and made a documentary movie called On the other side of art to present in this time slot.

My starting point was that when we talk about the art we usually have in mind the finished and exhibited art work in some art space. What I wanted to revel is the other side, the side of an artist taken in the widest possible way, meaning how the art work comes to life and what bothers the artist in the process of creating. Therefore, I was interviewing children from artistic kindergarten (the very beginners in the art creation) and my colleagues and friends who relate to art in different ways and have just started their journey. I simply shared with them the questions that were also bothering me as a young artist and through these conversations we tried to find the answers on where art starts and where it goes on its way to the outside world.

Video 01
The The Elkcloner-Crossfire
I made a stop motion video for The Eklcloner's - Crossfire

Video 02-03-04
On the other side of art