Nemanja Nikolic Prika

Zucker Night Club Museum

The first discotheque in Belgrade and place where night life started in 1967, also some claim that it’s the first night club in south east Europe.

A few years ago I had a pleasure to start creating identity of this place. I started with the wall light installations made out of cassette tapes as well as other illuminating objects made out of jars and sugar. This year night club transformed into the museum of night life and I faced the challenge to extend my interior design idea, hence I redesigned the main dance floor room and created illuminating soundsystem wall, also I changed other rooms’ look with new art light installations such as illuminating microphones, audio tapes wall, illuminating bar, silver walls, repaired old furniture, etc.

This way I improved my previous interior design idea and rounded up the identity of the place which you can see in the photos.